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by user 199 • Id 704 • from street vendor • 716 views • 7 years ago
Watermelon is an excellent source of Vitamin C and has higher level of lycopene. The flesh can be eaten as it is or cut into cubes or scooped into balls as addition to a fruit...more

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sweet suha (buongon)
by user 199 • Id 301 • from flea market • 533 views • 7 years ago
Sweet suha is very nutritious and juicy bitter-sweet fruit. It is low in calories and high in fiber....more

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Cocor Bebek (Miracle Leaf)
by user 227 • Id 632 • from Indonesia • 257 views • 7 years ago
These leaves can be used to relieve headache, cold, inflammation and hypertension. We can blend them and put some honey to reduce their smell....more

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Durian (King of fruits)
by user 195 • Id 293 • from Malaysia • 227 views • 7 years ago

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Pumpkin - Gramma
by user 280 • Id 392 • from Queensland, Australia • 166 views • 7 years ago
Roast, fry, mash yummy...more

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by user 165 • Id 675 • from It is being sold by farmers in the streets throughout Mindanao, Philippines. • 166 views • 7 years ago
Marang bears fruit between January to March. Each fruit costs between P10-40 pesos depending on the size. It is best eaten when it is not ripen thoroughly and must be eaten ri...more

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by user 199 • Id 628 • from backyard • 152 views • 7 years ago
Alugbati is an excellent source of calcium, iron and Vitamin A, B & C.The young shoot and leaves are widely used in a vegetable dish called utan in our country, Philipppines.....more

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kiat kiat
by user 290 • Id 421 • from clinic • 138 views • 7 years ago

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sugar apple
by user 199 • Id 630 • from backyard • 126 views • 7 years ago
Sugar apple is high in calories but excellent source of Vitamin C. It is usually eaten as fresh....more

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Aloe Vera
by user 234 • Id 477 • from penang • 121 views • 7 years ago
In ancient times aloe vera and its extracts were used for medicinal purposes....more

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