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Durian (King of fruits)
by user 195 • Id 293 • from Malaysia • 227 views • 5 years ago

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white radish
by user 175 • Id 708 • from philippines • 191 views • 4 years ago

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by user 174 • Id 259 • from Yumyychami's Garden • 190 views • 5 years ago
Best for chicken, fish and egg dishes... It is good as anti-inflammatory too...more

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by user 307 • Id 456 • from Bangladesh • 188 views • 5 years ago
Jackfruit is one of the richest fruit with protein. It is known as poor men's protein. The fruit when ripe is very bright yellow with strong smell. Those who are familiar with ...more

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by user 371 • Id 608 • from Phillipines • 175 views • 4 years ago
Sambong antioxidants, herbal medicinal plants can cure many kinds of illness. The plants that grows wild abundantly in the Phillipines....more

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by user 165 • Id 675 • from It is being sold by farmers in the streets throughout Mindanao, Philippines. • 166 views • 4 years ago
Marang bears fruit between January to March. Each fruit costs between P10-40 pesos depending on the size. It is best eaten when it is not ripen thoroughly and must be eaten ri...more

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Coriander (in flower)
by user 302 • Id 612 • from Lowveld region, South Africa • 165 views • 4 years ago
Also known as Cilantro - Coriander is a strong tasty herb, used in a lot of spicy dishes, like curries....more

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by user 153 • Id 410 • from Malang • 156 views • 5 years ago

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by user 62 • Id 100 • from Coogee, Australia • 149 views • 5 years ago
The onion was a week old, so it was a bit dry on the outside layer. In the photos you can see sprouts are growing inside....more

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by user 199 • Id 586 • from backyard • 147 views • 4 years ago
Sili is used as condiment in sauces and dishes....more

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