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by user 177 • Id 700 • from Supermarket in Sorong, Papua Indonesia • 255 views • 7 years ago

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White nectarine
by user 69 • Id 194 • from Sydney • 229 views • 7 years ago
Feel nectarines are slightly smaller in size and sweeter than yellow peaches....more

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lemon tree
by user 175 • Id 527 • from philippines • 229 views • 7 years ago

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by user 227 • Id 692 • from Indonesia • 219 views • 7 years ago
Guava contains a lot of Vitamin C and antioxidant. Consuming guava juice every day can make our skin healthy and fresh....more

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by user 227 • Id 694 • from Indonesia • 193 views • 7 years ago
There are some other variants similar to Duku, such as Pundong, Langsep, and Kokosan. However, Duku is the sweetest among them....more

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by user 289 • Id 417 • from kuwait city • 187 views • 7 years ago
Bought from the local grocer...more

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Mengkudu (Noni)
by user 227 • Id 650 • from Indonesia • 174 views • 7 years ago
Noni has so many usages. It can be used to relieve hypertension, inflammation, cough, stomachache and a good antioxidant against cancer....more

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by user 227 • Id 567 • from Indonesia • 139 views • 7 years ago
These mushroom grow in my front yard. People in my country call them JAMUR LOT....more

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by user 69 • Id 214 • from Sydney • 134 views • 7 years ago
Very fond of bananas- its rich carbohydrate content will give you an energy boost. However, over ripe bananas can have considerable amount of sugar in it. Trying to train mysel...more

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Green Apple
by user 69 • Id 340 • from Sydney • 134 views • 7 years ago
Confused what the white spots all over the skin are! Is it safe to consume? Kept this apple out for two weeks after purchase, but it gradually developed these white spots! ...more

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