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Chesa / Tisa Fruit
by user 167 • Id 219 • from Flea market • 871 views • 4 years ago
I bought this fruit the night before New Year's Eve. I put in on a fruit basket for the celebration of New Year. My family enjoyed eating this fruit. This fruit is rich in fibe...more

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by user 227 • Id 694 • from Indonesia • 193 views • 4 years ago
There are some other variants similar to Duku, such as Pundong, Langsep, and Kokosan. However, Duku is the sweetest among them....more

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Bitter Melon Philippines
by user 332 • Id 600 • from Phillippines • 149 views • 4 years ago
Took the pictures in my Auntie's House in Batangas City Philippines ....more

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Green Seedless Grapes
by user 180 • Id 235 • from jakarta • 139 views • 4 years ago
grapes are Healthy foods, good for skin, loosing weight & antioxidant to prevent heart disease& cancer , make them as your daily snack-foods you will got all the benefits!...more

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