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by user 371 • Id 608 • from Phillipines • 175 views • 4 years ago
Sambong antioxidants, herbal medicinal plants can cure many kinds of illness. The plants that grows wild abundantly in the Phillipines....more

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Sweet Basil
by user 174 • Id 258 • from Yummychami's Garden • 165 views • 5 years ago
Essential oils for flavoring is best for sauces and even on salads. There are different varieties of basil : sweet basil, thai basil...more

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queen guava
by user 376 • Id 572 • from philippines • 159 views • 4 years ago

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by user 199 • Id 603 • from backyard • 140 views • 4 years ago
Okra is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is an important ingredient of some dishes like pinakbet, sinigang and tinola in our country, Philippines. Okra is available in superma...more

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by user 340 • Id 517 • from in my house • 128 views • 4 years ago
The fruit tastes sweet, strong odor, and the fruit is very soft...more

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