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Dragon fruit
by user 227 • Id 525 • from Indonesia • 159 views • 4 years ago
It can be eaten directly. It also can be made as fruit soup. Just add some syrup or condensed milk, you'll have a fresh and yummy dragon fruit soup....more

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Apple - Granny Smith
by user 62 • Id 686 • from Coogee, Australia • 98 views • 4 years ago
Its an aussie Granny smith apple that I bought from the local store. It was very fresh and juicy, loving it....more

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Green Cabbage
by user 71 • Id 81 • from Randwick • 77 views • 5 years ago
Extremely large and fresh cabbage, that is ripe and ready to enjoy....more

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by user 71 • Id 83 • from Randwick • 76 views • 5 years ago
Small to medium size carrot with no outer blemishes....more

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Apple (Fuji)
by user 439 • Id 748 • from Philippines • 57 views • 4 years ago
Fuji Apples originated in Japan, by cross breeding 2 American apple varieties: Ralls Janet & Red Delicious. It's sugar & water content makes it wonderful for eating, cooking,...more

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by user 87 • Id 98 • from New York • 56 views • 5 years ago
Fresh leek, that is in the onion family and is ready to enjoy in your favorite leek recipe....more

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