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by user 199 • Id 704 • from street vendor • 716 views • 4 years ago
Watermelon is an excellent source of Vitamin C and has higher level of lycopene. The flesh can be eaten as it is or cut into cubes or scooped into balls as addition to a fruit...more

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Falsa ... Fruit
by user 221 • Id 319 • from Allahabad , U.P. , India • 249 views • 4 years ago
Small purple fruit , comes in summers . de contain small seed in side , by adding sm black salt v cn enhance d taste . in addition v cn make v refreshing drink wid dis , which ...more

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red onion / bawang merah
by user 340 • Id 501 • from in my house • 84 views • 4 years ago
Red onions contain vitamin C, calium, fiber, and folic acid. In addition, red onions also contain calcium and iron....more

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Apple (Fuji)
by user 439 • Id 748 • from Philippines • 57 views • 4 years ago
Fuji Apples originated in Japan, by cross breeding 2 American apple varieties: Ralls Janet & Red Delicious. It's sugar & water content makes it wonderful for eating, cooking,...more

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